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Banyan Tree Nanjing Garden Expo


Nanjing, a city rectified by the state for its historical and cultural significance, proudly carries the illustrious title of the "Capital of Six Dynasties" with a storied history spanning over 2,500 years. This remarkable city is renowned not only for its rich historical tapestry, but also for its captivating natural beauty which seamlessly blends mountains, waters, and forests with iconic monuments and historical relics. This unique combination of history and nature makes Nanjing the perfect destination for sightseeing, offering numerous things for tourists to do and see.

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Banyan Tree China Nanjing Experiences - Sun Yat Sens Mausoleum
Banyan Tree China Nanjing Experiences - Confucius Temple

Local Attractions

Nanjing is one of the historical and cultural cities rectified by the state, bearing the reputation of the Capital of Six Dynasties with over 2,500 years of history. It is also a famous scenic tourist city, integrating mountains, waters and forests with monuments and historical relics.

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