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Destination Dining - Mongolian Yurt Dining

Unique dining in a Mongolian Yurt

Our authentic Mongolian yurt in Ringha is a unique experience. Yurts are the typical tents for nomads, built with wood and cloth for easy transportation and featuring vertical columns and domed roofs Experience our exclusive Destination Dining experience, where a well-prepared Tibetan Hot Pot and barbecue is served inside the yurt. Enjoy this feast as you sip on our unique highland barley liquor. Take in the Shangri-La sunset, and later join in the local Guozhuang dance around a bonfire with the Tibetan people.

Mongolian Yurt
Mongolian Yurt
  • BBQ, Hotpot, Tibetan

  • Smart Casual, Tibetan Costume

  • 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm