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Dukezong Shangri La Attractions of Ancient Town in Ringha Yunnan

Local Attractions and Activities

Make the most of your trip to Ringha with its breathtaking natural attractions and activities to occupy yourself with, both in and out of our resort.

Pudacuo National Park

The Pudacuo National Park is the first national park in mainland China. The Shudu and Bita lake are beautiful scenic spots to stroll about while breathing in fresh mountain air at 3,705 metres above sea level. One of Shangri-La's largest lakes, Bita, is surrounded by mountains thick with forests and the sweet call of birdsong.

pudacuo national park ringha

Nixi Pottery Experience

Observe the centuries-old tradition of Tibetan black pottery making. The skill of creating exquisite pottery is a treasured heirloom that's been passed on through the generations. Try your hand at simple pottery making, and watch the most popular Tibetan village dance in the region, known as "Qingwu".

nixi pottery

Dabao Temple

In Tibetan, Dabao indicates a holy place of five Buddhas. Originally established as a temple of Kaggupa in the Yongle period of the Ming dynasty, it was converted to Gulugpa as an affiliate of Songzanlin Monastery in the region of Kangxi Emperor in the Qing Dynasty. Before being converted into an affiliate of Songzanlin Monastery, Dabao was known for its White Sect Masters who chose to practice Buddhism here.

dabao temple

Horse Racing Festival

The Horse Racing Festival is the grandest annual event in western China's Diqing Prefecture. Prior to the festival, Tibetan herdsmen and their families will begin to trickle into the Napa Lake – the largest prairie in Shangri-La area – from various parts of Tibet. The festival is held during the Dragon Boat Holiday every year.

horse racing ringha

Other Attractions

Trek through the Tibetan villages around Ringha and climb up to the top of the hill facing the hotel for a unique picnic lunch on top of Na Re Meadow, overlooking the holy river across Banyan Tree Ringha.


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