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Tengchong Hot Spring Resort Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree Tengchong

Tengchong, China

A Waterfall of Fun for Family and Friends

Banyan Tree Tengchong is located at the heart of the Gaoligong Mountains, an important strategic site in the old Tengyue Prefecture in the lush province of Yunnan, famous for its volcano hot springs, breathtaking scenery, pleasant climate, rich heritage and ethnic diversity.

With state-of-the-art facilities, thoughtful services, a pristine natural environment and geothermal resources, this eco hot spring hotel and resort delights guests with Banyan Tree Tengchong’s signature hospitality and offers bespoke holidays full of romance, comfort and authentic destination experiences.

Banyan Tree China Tengchong
Banyan Tree China Tengchong
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Mayugu International Hot Springs Resorts Beihai Town, Tengchong County, Yunnan Province People’s Republic of China 679100
+86 875 899 9888
Check-in: 3:00 pm
Check-out: 12:00 pm
Facilities and services
  • Banyan Tree Spa
  • Fitness Centre
  • Hot Springs
  • In-Room Dining
  • Kids Club
  • Mahjong Rooms
  • Meetings & Events Facilities
  • Restaurant Dining
  • Weddings
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Awards & Accreditations
Ctrip-Most Recommended Award
The 5th Boao Internation Jin Tang Award-Best Boutique Hot Spring
Golden Awards-Resort Hotels
Banyan Tree China Tengchong - Accommodation


Find your oasis of relaxation amidst nature's fiery beauty.

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Hot Spring Retreat – Twin

A relaxing haven for two with a private hot spring pool

  • 2
  • Twin

  • 70 sqm

  • Rooms - Mountain.svg


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Banyan Tree China Tengchong Accommodation - Hot Spring Garden Villa
Hot Spring Garden Villa

A secluded villa surrounded by a private Chinese garden, with a dining gazebo, spa paviliion and personal hot spring pool

  • 2
  • King

  • 180 sqm

  • Rooms - Garden.svg


Banyan Tree China Tengchong Accommodation - Hot Spring Pool Villa
Hot Spring Pool Villa

A spacious and modern villa with private Chinese gardens, a dining gazebo, spa pavilion, hot spring pool and its own swimming pool

  • 2
  • King

  • 270 sqm / 2,906 sqft

  • Rooms - Pool.svg


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Discover: Regional Highlights

Banyan Tree China Tengchong - Discover

Local Culture and Sights

Visit Heshun Old Town, a popular trading area for jade since ancient times, with traditional buildings and rich cultural heritage. For a more active experience, go hiking in the mountains, or cycling on the highland roads.

Banyan Tree China Tengchong - Discover

Destination Dining

Banyan Tree Tengchong hotel's legendary Destination Dining experiences will make your visit extra special. Elevate your stay with four of our exciting dining experiences, from Riverside Dining to a Yunnan Dianxi Flavour Cruise.

Banyan Tree China Tengchong - Discover

Natural Attractions

Tengchong offers a wealth of stunning natural attractions, like the volcanic dam waterfall in the Dieshu River, the Beihai Wetlands and a volcano park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer special packages that include unique local experiences. One such package is the 'Ways of Well,' which includes the following:

  • Balanced breakfast
  • Afternoon nutrition platter
  • Access to well-being activities like meditation
  • Longxia Creek secret exploration
  • 60-minute sleep essentials massage for two people

If you need more information, visit our website at

Banyan Tree Tengchong offers a diverse range of on-site activities and amenities for guests to enjoy. Amenities include a gym, yoga room, mahjong room and several outdoor hot spring pools. The hotel also provides engaging activities, such as destination discovery, cooking classes, yoga sessions and more. For inquiries or advance booking of any activity, contact our team at +86 875 899 9888 or email us at

Yes, popular attractions near Banyan Tree Tengchong include:

  • Beihai Wetland Nature Reserve: Explore diverse flora and fauna, scenic trails, and excellent bird-watching opportunities.
  • Volcano Park: Experience geothermal wonders and indulge in relaxation at the hot springs.
  • Cherry Blossom Valley: Witness enchanting pink blooms during the cherry blossom season.
  • Heshun Old Town: Immerse yourself in the charm of well-preserved ancient architecture and cultural heritage.

These attractions are within a half-hour drive from the resort, and they offer a delightful blend of nature, culture, and relaxation, ensuring a memorable stay at Banyan Tree Tengchong.

We are just a 15-minute drive from the city centre. For further details or advance booking of transportation to and from the resort, including city transfers, contact us at +86 875 899 9888 or

The hotel is conveniently located just a 30-minute drive from Tengchong Tuofeng Airport. For further details or advance booking of transportation to and from the resort, including airport transfers, contact us at +86 875 899 9888 or

Yes, all rooms at Banyan Tree Tengchong are equipped with private hot spring pools for guests to enjoy. For more information about the accommodations and amenities, visit our website at

Yes, the location's natural geothermal resources are utilised efficiently to provide guests with a unique and revitalising hot spring experience. Banyan Tree Tengchong features 3 geothermal pools with different temperatures and an Onsen Garden with 4 outdoor mineral pools. The thermal water in these pools contains therapeutic silicic acid fluoride and beneficial microelements, making it suitable for drinking, bathing and therapy.


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