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Yunnan Province Tourist Attractions & Cultural Experiences

Local Culture and Sights

Experience the local culture and sights of Tengchong found within close proximity to our hot spring resort.

Heshun Old Town

Step back in time in Heshun Old Town, near the Burmese border. Admire the charming 600-year-old Village. Walk into a museum. Visit heritage buildings and temples untouched by modernity. Explore the local culture and heritage. Visit Zhongtian Temple. Negotiate with the numerous jade sellers and pick up a pretty piece for home.


Museum of Handcraft Paper

Watch famed Tengchong craftsmen make paper by hand and learn how to make paper. Bring home the famous Tengchong handmade paper and use it to create cards or letters for friends and family.

tengchong museum of handcraft paper
shadow puppet

Shadow Puppet Theatre

Watch a shadow puppet show with your kids and be amazed at the stories told through puppetry.

Flying Tigers Memorial Hall

Flying Tigers Memorial Hall

Visit the Flying Tigers Memorial Hall and learn about the exciting history of Tengchong during World War II.


Every 13 to 15 April, celebrate Songkran with the Dai people and join in the water festivities at Tengchong and Dehong.