Things to do in Chongqing Beibei for Family

With a myriad of leisure activities, picturesque natural sights and cultural showpieces in the area, a stay at Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei with your family promises to be one to remember.



Boat Excursion Tour

For a fun day out with the family, sail down the winding Jialing River on a traditional boat while enjoying the charming natural landscape, discovering the best of old and new China.


Culture and Heritage Tour

Chongqing, the famous historic city with three thousand years of Ba-Yu culture promises a charming and alluring adventure. Families will be fascinated by the intricate beauty of Jindao Gorge and the enigmatic Dazu Carvings, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Visit Jin Gang Bei

A charming old town that showcases the best of Chongqing's architecture, located at the lower reaches of the Jialing River. Three hundred years after its foundation, the town remains a symbol and microcosm of old Chongqing . Families will find numerous multi-storeyed folk houses to take pictures of and explore.


Feast On Local Delicacies

Partake in the best that Chongqing cuisine has to offer. The region features around 40 cooking methods and its traditional dishes are generally strongly flavoured and spicy. Ingredients include chilli peppers, sesame, fermented black beans, scallions and the aromatic blend of ginger, garlic, wine and soy sauce.


Nature Walk

Stroll hand in hand through the lush forests of Jinyun Mountains. Designated as a state nature reserve, you can admire the nine peaks and historical relics such as the Giant Buddha and General Guan Yu from the famed Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The Jinyun Mountains are a 30-minute drive from the resort and located on the banks of Wentang Gorge.


Hot Pot Dining at Jin Yao Xuan Restaurant

Gather the family for an authentic Chongqing-style dinner with fresh seasonal ingredients from the local market at Jin Yao Xuan restaurant.


In-Villa Dining

A must-do is the In-Villa dining experience with your personal dining crew. Enjoy the In-Villa BBQ, a tantalisingly delicious spread of barbecue foods, expertly prepared and flamed for you while you spend quality time with your family.


Cycling With the Family

Bond with the family by taking a leisurely ride around the beautiful resort grounds while enjoying the fresh mountain air.


Visit Lao She or Soong May-ling's Former Residences

Enjoy a day of cultural tour in Beibei district. Visit Lao She or Soong May-ling's Former Residences and listen to wonderful stories about its history and exquisite architectural design.


Hot Spring with Family

A perfect family bonding activity. Immerse in your personal hot spring dipping pool with your loved ones and enjoy a peaceful respite.

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