At Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués we are aware of the damages that global tourism has caused, therefore, we strive as a business to minimize all the negative operational impacts. Working on creating beneficial effects in the environment of the entire resort. By doing this, we make sure we have sustainable tourism destinations and therefore we strengthen our business, which also develops a positive workforce. Our philosophy is conducted in the triple bottom line (economy / society / environment) to generate sustainable development by helping those around us.

We are committed to continuously improve our sustainability performance and the results of our annual bench-marking. Likewise, we comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and strive to achieve international best practices.



Sustainability Achievements


BANYAN TREE CABO MARQUES has been the recipient of various industry-recognized awards for our compliance to the most stringent environmental practices and commitment to corporate social responsibility.


EarthCheck GOLD:
EarthCheck, the world's leading scientific bench-marking and certification group for sustainable tourism, awarded our resort the GOLD Certification as recognition of our continuous certification since 2016 which incorporates annual measurement of operational indicators such as energy; emissions; water, waste and paper use; chemical and pesticide use; and community involvement.

Distinctive“S” :

The distinctive "S" is an acknowledgment of good sustainable practices, in the development of tourism projects and the commitment of tourism companies operating in Mexico under the global criteria of sustainability.

One of its main objectives is to take advantage of tourism in Mexico in order to generate greater economic benefits in the country. Tourism represents the possibility of creating new jobs, increasing markets that preserve natural and cultural wealth.



Plastic-Free Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree Cabo Marques is committed to our brand-wide pledge to reduce and ultimately eliminate single-use plastics from our operations, as part of our continued effort to directly address the detrimental effect that plastic is having in the environment and marine life. As a group, we managed to eliminate over 25% of targeted single-use plastic in our first year, meaning one in every four items will not be sent to landfill or end up polluting our environment.

We have successfully replaced plastic items with eco-friendly alternatives, such as straws made from avocado seeds; plastic takeout containers with 100% biodegradable and compostable materials made from cane, wheat and cornstarch. Having already replaced plastic water bottles in our dining outlets, we are now focused on replacing them with sustainable alternatives in all of our villas.


Resource Conservation

Banyan Tree’s efforts help global climate change through resource conservation, with external assurance from EarthCheck, the leading benchmarking certification within the travel and tourism industry.


Meatless Monday is an international non-profit campaign that encourages people not to eat meat on Mondays to improve their health and help the planet. Joining in this initiative, we offer our associates a rich and large portion of meat-free dishes with a mix of vegetables, legumes and fruits.

We also have a special vegan and vegetarian menu available 24/7 in all of the restaurants and In Villa dining.


Greening Communities Together

Our aim is to restore the natural environment, whilst raising awareness of climate change through tree-planting events, around the area in which we operate, with a current target of 2,000 trees per year. In the first ten years we planted almost half a million trees, and we aim to plant 25,000 during our 25th anniversary year.



Our Seedlings programe was created to nurture young people at risk of societal exclusion, providing vocational and education skills meanwhile preparing them for life and work.

We support our sponsored youths by providing for their school needs such as uniforms, transportation, books stationery, and school fees. Apart from that, we appoint mentors to guide these youths on their journey as well.


Supporting Local Communities

Supporting long-term societal prosperity is central to Banyan Tree’s ability to create value for local communities and this is achieved by empowering them through job creation, education, supporting artisanal cooperatives, community impact initiatives, humanitarian relief and connecting travelers to local culture and heritage.

Banyan Tree Cabo Marques cares about its surroundings and society. All employees collect plastic bottles caps to fund associations of children with cancer. These caps are sold to a recycling company and the money goes directly to support the operation centers that provide a place to sleep, food and medical support to families while children are receiving chemotherapy.

We also support Villa Sarita, a foster home that takes care for children with HIV. We provide food, clothes, hygiene products, monetary contributions and organize special celebrations.

For the elderly, we deliver basic amenities to them and visiting them on a bi-monthly basis.


Community Cleaning

We aim to organize a minimum of four cleaning activities each year, to engage members of the local community, our guests and associates with the need for effective waste management and to promote responsible consumption of resources and maintaining a healthy environment.

Acapulco is a tourist port in the Pacific coast of Mexico and we have a great commitment in cooperating with beach cleanings.


Taking care of the marine life @ Playa Hermosa Turtle Camp

We support “Playa Hermosa”, a turtle camp that cares protects baby turtles from animal and human predators until the turtles grow older. After which, they will then be released into the Pacific Ocean.

Banyan Tree Cabo Marques supports this camp by organizing through fundraising dinners, resort guest visitation and learning, providing necessities such as towels and light bulbs. We also help with cleaning and maintenance work.

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