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Stay For Good - Bintan

Surrounded by glittering oceans that meet warm tropical coastlines, Bintan offers a beautiful relaxing getaway for any traveller. There is much to explore on this Indonesian island, from astounding natural biodiversity to fascinating cultural traditions.

Mangrove Planting at Sungai Kecil

Mangroves are a critical part of our world's ecosystems. They protect our shorelines from erosion, act as a habitat for thousands of species, and their soils provide effective carbon sinks. Journey to a mangrove nursery in a nearby village, where you can try planting mangrove plants while learning about conservation efforts from the local community.

stay for good

Sea Turtle Release

Out of seven species of sea turtles on earth, six can be found in Indonesia. Two of them, the endangered green turtle and critically endangered hawksbill turtle, lay their eggs on Bintan's beaches twice a year. Our team regularly scours the island to rescue these turtle eggs, then cares for them in our on-site hatchery until they are old enough to return to the ocean, providing lucky guests with the unique opportunity to witness the hatchlings being released.

stay for good

Gudem Bee Farm

The island of Bintan is home to the Gudem Bee Farm, where stingless bee colonies thrive. These bees are unique because they do not sting, and are smaller than other bee species, thus making them easier to handle and less aggressive towards humans. Visit this farm to taste raw stingless bee honey, both in its natural form or mixed into a beverage, and learn how locals care for the bees and harvest their honey.

stay for good

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