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Banyan Tree Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupies the broadest swathe of land along the Arabian Peninsula and is home to two of the holiest places in Islam. Explore an enigmatic mix of ancient desert culture, Islamic heritage and hyper-modern cities.

A Desert Romance

The deserts of Saudi Arabia conjure images of caravans crossing vast plains in olden times: a line of camels loaded with sacks of spices, potions and jewels, and tales of distant lands. Soak up this ancient atmosphere at Banyan Tree’s luxurious tented camp deep in the AlUla desert, a restorative sanctuary for modern explorers, wanderers and storytellers.

Where the Past is Present

Retreat into a desert oasis and embrace the traditions that have nurtured wandering desert tribes across time. Replenish your spirit with stories of exploration and community among the Bedouin, and immerse yourself in a unique culture known for their generosity and the art of hospitality.

Banyan Tree Saudi Arabia
Banyan Tree AlUla Saudi Arabia

Banyan Tree AlUla

Located in the Ashar Valley near the city of AlUla in the Madinah Province, Banyan Tree AlUla is inspired by more than 200,000 years of human heritage and unique landscapes that have created the world's largest living museum.

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