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Experience in AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Banyan Tree AlUla

AlUla, Saudi Arabia

A Journey Through Time

An enchanted sanctuary suspended in time and space.

Situated in the magical surrounds of AlUla in Saudi Arabia, our all-villa resort is a desert retreat located in one of the world’s most mysterious and exciting travel destinations, inspired by the natural surroundings of the Ashar Valley.

Embark on a multi-sensory experience at Banyan Tree AlUla. Be stunned by the stillness, peacefulness, the stunning rock formations, the sheer force of nature, and feel as if time and space were suddenly suspended, allowing the senses to fully awaken.

Set in the area known as the world’s largest living museum, our resort is just a short flight from either Riyadh or Jeddah, connected by direct flights from Dubai, all of which make AlUla more accessible for international travelers.

Three Bedroom Villa - exterior
Three Bedroom Villa - twin bedroom
Wadi Ashar, AlUla AlUla 43563 Saudi Arabia
+966 14 512 0000
Check-in: 2:00 pm
Check-out: 12:00 pm
Facilities and services
  • Banyan Tree Spa
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Fitness Centre
  • In-Villa Dining
  • Restaurant Dining
  • Swimming Pool
  • Weddings
  • Yoga
Two Bedroom VIlla - back


Idyllic moments in a world of one’s own

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One Bedroom Villa - exterior_flair
Dune One Bedroom Villa

The one bedroom villa is decorated with authentic, handcrafted Arabian-inspired antiques. Designed for two guests, this villa offers a king bed as well as a bathroom patio and an external fire pit.

  • 2
  • King

  • 77 sqm / 829 sqft

  • Rooms - Desert.svg


    Rooms - Mountain.svg


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One Bedroom Villa - back deck
Dune One Bedroom Pool Villa

The one bedroom pool villa is elegantly arranged with authentic handcrafted antiques inspired by AlUla's heritage. Designed to welcome two guests, the villa features a king sized bed, a bathroom patio, an external fire pit as well as a private swimming pool.

  • 2
  • King

  • 77 sqm / 829 sqft

  • Rooms - Desert.svg


    Rooms - Mountain.svg


Two Bedroom VIlla - back
Dune Two Bedroom Pool Villa

The two bedroom pool villa offers a luxuriant experience generously sprawled across 138-SQM of space. Featuring an outdoor dining area, a fire pit, a private swimming pool with sun loungers, unwind under the tent and enjoy expansive views of this marvelous desert destination.

  • 4
  • King, Twin

  • 138 sqm / 1,485 sqft

  • Rooms - Desert.svg


    Rooms - Mountain.svg


Three Bedroom Villa
Dune Three Bedroom Pool Villa

The three bedroom pool villa promises a unique retreat on its own with 240-SQM thoughtfully designed to blend with the natural surroundings. Inspired by local heritage, the space features a large living area, a ten seater dining table with access to a secluded terrace with private swimming pool facing the Ashar Valley sandstones and dunes.

  • 6
  • King, Twin

  • 240 sqm / 2,583 sqft

  • Rooms - Desert.svg


    Rooms - Mountain.svg


Frequently Asked Questions

At Banyan Tree Al Ula, Saudi Arabia, we offer a diverse range of on-site activities and amenities for our guests to enjoy:


  • Saffron: Enjoy award-winning international, Thai, and local cuisine in elegant settings.
  • Harrat All-Day Dining Restaurant: Immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience with captivating local arts and crafts.
  • In Villa BBQ: Indulge in a personalised, intimate dining experience with exquisite dishes and beverages.
  • Bedouin Tent BBQ: Immerse yourself in the ancient Bedouin lifestyle with local storytelling, traditional dishes, and Arabian music.
  • Rock Pool: Relax in a secluded, naturally treated rock pool amidst majestic sandstone mountains. (Exclusive to in-house adult guests)


  • Floating Breakfast: Start your day luxuriously with a delectable breakfast served while floating in water.
  • Dove Canyon Dining: Create unforgettable memories with an outdoor dining experience amidst breathtaking sandstone mountains.
  • Ashar Picnic: Enjoy a personalised picnic amidst marvellous landscapes in the Ashar Valley, complete with homemade delicacies.
  • Spa and Well-being Activities: Rejuvenate with tailored spa treatments and wellness activities in a serene environment.

Our on-site activities and amenities are available daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Yes, some popular attractions near Banyan Tree Al Ula, Saudi Arabia are:

  • Old Town: Explore the enchanting Old Town with vibrant markets and mud-brick houses, offering diverse crafts and treasures.
  • Dadan: Uncover the ancient city of Dadan, a key trade hub along the incense routes in the first millennium BCE.
  • Jabal Ikmah: Immerse yourself in the rich history of AlUla with thousands of pre-Arabic inscriptions, providing insights into the past.
  • Oasis Trail: Stroll through the picturesque AlUla Oasis, showcasing the region's cultural heritage with local farmers selling natural products.
  • Jabal Alfil (Elephant Rock): Witness the awe-inspiring Jabal Alfil, a 50-m high natural formation resembling an elephant with its trunk touching the ground.
  • Al Jadidah Village: Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the village restaurants, shops, and artistic murals, including the world's largest hand-painted carpet.
  • Rock Climbing and Via Ferrata: Challenge yourself with rock climbing or via ferrata on the spectacular mountains of AlUla.
  • Zipline Experience: Embark on a thrilling zipline journey, soaring above sandstone canyons and capturing stunning desert views.

To learn more about what you can do in AlUla, visit

At Banyan Tree Al Ula, Saudi Arabia, we provide the following experiences for our guests:

  • Stargazing: Join an astronomer for a magical stargazing session beneath Ashar Valley's serene sky. Use state-of-the-art telescopes and stargazing applications to learn about constellations or relax by a cosy fire pit with snacks and refreshments.

  • Self-Guided Rock Art Trail: Experience history on the Rock Art Trail in Ashar Valley, featuring spectacular views and 8,000 years of culture. Learn about ancient inscriptions and AlUla legends etched on rocks. This diverse experience combines relaxation, cultural exploration, outdoor dining, night sky observation, and nature connection.

  • Horseback Riding: Experience Ashar Valley's stunning landscape with horseback riding.

These activities are available daily from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. For advance bookings, contact us at

Here are the approximate distances from Al Ula to the nearest city centres of Riyadh and Jeddah:


  • Distance: Approximately 920 km (570 mi)
  • Travel Time: By road, it takes around 9-10 hours to drive from Al Ula to Riyadh.


  • Distance: Approximately 950 km (590 mi)
  • Travel Time: By road, it takes around 10-11 hours to drive from Al Ula to Jeddah.

Please note that these distances and travel times are approximate and can vary depending on the specific route, traffic conditions, and other factors. It's always advisable to check for the most up-to-date information and plan your journey accordingly.

No, there are no public transportation options available near Banyan Tree Al Ula, Saudi Arabia. Below are our recommendations for getting around the area:

  • Ride a taxi: Taxis are readily available in Al Ula, offering convenient transportation within the area.
  • Rent a car with a driver: You can rent a car along with a professional driver who can navigate the roads for you.
  • Rent a car without a driver: If you prefer to drive yourself, car rental services are available in Al Ula.
  • Valid driving license: If you do choose to drive, make sure to carry a valid driving license from your country of residence.
  • Kaiian ride-share service: Kaiian operates similarly to Uber or Careem. It is recommended to book your ride at least 30 minutes before your departure, as availability may be limited.

These options provide flexibility for getting around Al Ula, whether you prefer taxis, renting a car with or without a driver, or utilizing a ride-share service.

You can go to Al Ula from Riyadh via:

  • Car: Driving from Riyadh to Al Ula via Route 65 and Route 70 (1,040.9 km) will take approximately 11 hours and 39 minutes.
  • Aeroplane: The flight duration from Riyadh to Al Ula (Al Ula has its own airport, Al Ula Airport) can vary depending on several factors, such as the airline, the flight route, and weather conditions. On average, a direct flight from Riyadh to Al Ula takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Yes, we can arrange transportation to nearby attractions or destinations. For any transfer inquiries, kindly contact our concierge team at


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