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Beautiful Twilight Tented Villa in AlUla


Best Time to Go to AlULa

Situated in the heart of Saudi Arabia, AlUla’s historical treasures and experiences are for travellers to discover. Whether you're drawn to exploring ancient sites or immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes, planning an exceptional AlUla trip involves a lot of consideration including the best time to go.

When to go to AlUla?

When contemplating when to go to AlUla, the weather and large crowds are things you need to prepare for when you come to AlUla. The ideal time to visit AlUla is from October to March to experience mornings without feeling the harsh sun. The hassle-free afternoon trips with minimal crowds and lines are also a game-changer.

AlUla’s deserts and the spirit of local celebrations are also things you can catch to immerse yourself in the region's traditions. The pleasant weather, reduced crowds, and cultural celebrations make the October to March timeframe the favourable window to uncover the captivating layers of AlUla.

If you plan on visiting any time, you can also check for AlUla accommodation to plan better ahead.


What is the weather in Alula, Saudi Arabia?

Summer in Alula, Saudi Arabia

During the Summer

Summers in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, bring scorching temperatures regularly exceeding 40°C. The summer season is marked by high temperatures but with rejuvenating activities from the searing heat during the night.

You can discover AlUla’s landscapes during the summer by hiking in places like the Oasis Trails from Dadan to the Orange Path in the morning. After a refreshing morning hike, you can unwind by indulging yourself in a soothing spa experience during AlUla's summer nights.

Best Time to Go on a Trip to AlUla

During the Winter

Sunny skies are the norm in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. Normally, AlUla has a temperature of 19°C to 37°C paired with the dusty golden sand dunes, and the minimal rainfall allows you to explore AlUla’s desert landscapes carefree.

If an activity-filled morning and a comfortable evening are things you want to experience, the weather in AlUla is a great way to go about your day. The pleasant temperatures during Winter also ensure a relaxed and enjoyable evening during a casual stroll to witness the stars in Al Ghalameel. This makes AlUla an ideal destination if you seek for a perfect blend of adventure and comfort as the day progresses.

What can you do on a trip to AlUla?

Imagine drifting above ancient wonders in a hot air balloon or embracing the thrill of desert safaris by quad-biking through AlUla's endless landscapes. Otherwise, you might want to catch a glimpse of AlUla with a camel ride along its desert planes. You can also discover hidden treasures and experiences unique only to you as you embark on your journey through the Old Town of Alula’s crafts.

There are several ways to discover and plan your AlUla trip in your ways whether you seek adventures through vast deserts or cultural immersion in local areas. If you need help with your itinerary or need more plans, check for here.

Winter in Alula
  • AlUla International Airport (ULH)

    AlUla Airport is conveniently located 25 kilometres southeast of Banyan Tree AlUla. It currently offers direct flights from Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai, and Dammam, with flights from Cairo launching in early October. TRANSFER For enquiries on how to get to Banyan Tree AlUla, please contact our concierge team at:
Points of interest
  • Hegra

    Visit Hegra and experience Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you can explore over 110 remarkably preserved tombs set against a desert backdrop and learn about the ancient people and culture of AlUla.
  • Maraya

    Only one minute from Banyan Tree AlUla, the magnificent venue of Maraya has set a Guinness record for the world's largest mirrored building. Guests enjoy direct access to this architectural marvel (meaning "mirror" or "reflection" in Arabic) in the desert canyon of the Ashar Valley. With its 9,740 mirrored panels, Maraya reflects AlUla's natural beauty. It has also hosted concerts, events, conferences, and more.

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