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Wellbeing Sanctuary

Banyan Tree Krabi has redefined our accommodations and facilities as a holistic wellbeing experience. Our Wellbeing Sanctuary combines our spacious suites, bespoke dining offerings, blissful spa treatments and multifunctional practice spaces into one exclusive wellbeing journey.

With an exclusive and tranquil location, our suite is the ideal choice for wellbeing and serenity in a spacious, yet intimate, 129-sqm suite. In addition to an outdoor terrace, saltwater-chlorinated and jacuzzi, it has the added benefit of a private garden for relaxation.

Connect to nature, settle into deep relaxation and find balance through a flexible and open system of discovery where the choice, as always, is yours. At Banyan Tree Krabi, we believe wellbeing should be inspiring and accessible to all.

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Your Personal Wellbeing Journey Includes:

  • Accommodation at a wellbeing suite, designed for sleep enhancement
  • Daily balanced breakfast
  • Daily afternoon nutrition platter
  • Daily access to complimentary wellbeing activities
  • Daily complimentary laundry (2 pcs. per suite)
  • In-suite wellbeing amenities
  • Nightly rest rituals
  • 30% off a la carte Spa treatments
  • 30% off wellbeing cuisine
  • 30% off chargeable activities
  • Personalised wellbeing guide to take home for personal practice
  • Complimentary one-time 60-minute Body Treatment for 2 persons (minimum 3-night stay)
  • Complimentary one-time 60-minute Body Treatment and 60-minute the Rainforest experience for 2 persons (minimum 5-night stay)

Wellbeing Activities

Wellbeing is a lifelong journey. It entails a sustained and balanced practice of different pillars of wellbeing. At the heart of the Wellbeing Sanctuary is a selection of wellbeing activities that have been curated to help you discover simple, but impactful, practices to improve each pillar of wellbeing.

During your stay, choose from our classes on offer including Tai Chi, Basic Yoga, Duo Stretching, Forest Bathing, Thoughtful Appreciation, Self-Massage Techniques, Thai Potpourri Making, Hands–on Indian Head Massage, Muay Thai Boxing, Mat Pilates, Facial Herbal Compress, Walking Meditation, Mastering Healthy Cooking and Healthy Drinks, Breathing Meditation and more (subject to availability).


Adequate sleep allows the body to repair and rejuvenate. Our modern lifestyle impacts the quality of our rest. Attend meditation session or sleep workshop to learn how to improve your sleep quality.


Each of us lives different lives, have different bodies and thus have different nutritional needs. It is about being aware and conscious of what you eat. Try our wholesome Wellbeing Cuisine during your stay.


It is important to maintain a balanced fitness that includes cardiovascular health, muscle strength and flexibility. Pick your preferred activity or try something new to explore new ways to improve your physical vitality.


Build your mental resilience through mindfulness practice. This includes mindful craft making workshops to formal practice such as meditation. Feel free to seek recommendation from your wellbeing host.


Participate in some activities with your traveling partner. They present opportunities to create new memories and build connections. You may discover something new about each other.


One of the joy of traveling is discovering new cultures and ways of living. We have weaved enrichment workshops and local cultural insights for you to learn new knowledge and local wellbeing practices.


Urbanites may have limited opportunities to immerse in nature. We encourage you to try some outdoor or nature-based activities to rediscover the joy of being close to nature. We also offer workshops to harness nature for your wellbeing.


Wellbeing is a lifelong journey. This journey entails a sustain practice of the various wellbeing pillars and alsovirtues such as gratitude, empathy and forgiveness.


Rejuvenate body, mind and soul in the privacy of our Wellbeing Sanctuary Pool Suite which is nestled in the natural surroundings of our resort and offers a sense of escape into harmonious bliss. Retreat to your personal hideaway and unwind on your private terrace amidst the sights and sounds of our tropical biodiversity. Connect to nature, settle into deep relaxation and find balance through a flexible and open system of discovery where the choice, as always, is yours.


Wellbeing Cuisine

Your stay at our Wellbeing Sanctuary won't be complete without nutrition. Our chefs have created dedicated wellbeing menu options using locally-sourced ingredients.

Guests who book our Wellbeing Sanctuary enjoy a complimentary daily balanced breakfast and daily afternoon nutrition platter as well as 30% off wellbeing cuisine in our restaurants.

Wellbeing Massages

The very best of spa treatments and therapies developed in award-winning Banyan Tree tradition awaits you in this secret hideaway featuring The Rainforest, a holistic hydrotherapy wellness experience designed to heal and soothe. Purposeful spa and bodywork therapies are available throughout your stay at our Wellbeing Sanctuary.



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