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At Banyan Tree Phuket, our company ethos is rooted in sustainable practices - be it our endeavour to preserve the communities and natural environments in which we thrive or proactively leading transformation in the travel and tourism industry that brings about a balance that respects people and the planet. We are focused on furthering efforts towards global sustainability goals through endorsing responsible tourism, thereby fostering resilience and enriching local communities.

The Incubation and Release of Sea Turtles

In partnership with Laguna Phuket, we've been dedicated to sea turtle conservation since 1994. We've proudly released 2,186 sea turtles into the Andaman Sea, and with 7.7 million Baht raised to support the Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC), nearly 4,900 participants have engaged in our conservation program.

We host an annual family-oriented sea turtle event that provides an enchanting experience: observing young sea turtles as they instinctively find their way to the sea. This event, nestled within the tranquil surroundings of our bay beach, signifies our enduring commitment to sustainable practices and ecological responsibility.

Sea Turtle Release
Sustainability training

Pocket forest planting

Banyan Tree Phuket, in collaboration with Laguna Phuket and rewilding specialists from SUGi, is proud to be part of an exciting environmental initiative - the creation of 'pocket forests'. Using the Miyawaki afforestation method, we have established self-sustaining forests that, in just a year, have revitalized the local ecosystem with 7,500 saplings from 84 native species. These compact forests grow at an exceptional pace, providing a thriving sanctuary for local fauna and symbolizing our commitment to planetary preservation.

But our investment goes beyond just reforestation; we're planting seeds of sustainability in the minds of the young generation. Children from local communities and Laguna Phuket Kindergarten have been active participants in this transformative journey. By involving them in the planting process, we’re inspiring a deeper understanding of their local ecosystem, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility, and nurturing future custodians of our planet. This initiative represents our ongoing commitment to sustainable communities, connecting people with nature, and ensuring a kinder, more sustainable future.

Child planting the tree
Forest Planting

walk and talk

We are actively engaged in a weekly 'Walk and Talk' initiative, a testament to our dedication towards environmental stewardship. Our team, spanning multiple departments, congregates every Wednesday to not only clean our picturesque beach but also share insights and experiences, fostering an environment of collective learning and engagement.

Our 'Walk and Talk' activity, however, signifies more than just a simple beach cleanup. It's a tangible expression of our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness, making each event a crucial step towards preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings. We continue to create a space that allows us to bond over our shared love for our environment, further strengthening our sustainable practices.

Beach Cleaning

Green Hotel Award

Awarded the prestigious Gold-level Green Hotel Award by Thailand’s Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, our luxury Phuket resort team is proud to be a recipient. This award recognizes the resort's exceptional dedication to environmental conservation and energy management, solidifying our commitment for the greener future.

The Gold-level certification acknowledges Banyan Tree Phuket's comprehensive sustainability initiatives, including the use of energy-efficient technologies, efficient waste management systems, water conservation efforts, and sustainable procurement practices. This esteemed award showcases the resort's commitment to preserving the environment while delivering a luxurious experience to our guests, setting a commendable example for the hospitality industry and inspiring others to embrace sustainable practices.

Green Hotel Award