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Be transformed by the power of travel. Our destinations invite you to experiences beyond the ordinary – journeys that inspire, restore and renew; ourselves, our planet, and the communities that sustain us. This is Banyan Tree.

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Your Sanctuary Awaits

Retreat to spaces like no other: urban oases nestled in busy cityscapes, restored forests on rehabilitated earth, sleek hideaways in rugged cliffsides, islands scattered across the vastness of the sea. From intimate abodes to sprawling villas, find the place you yearn to be.


Exclusive Offers

Travel your way with our special offers at destinations around the globe.


Where Every Event is an Experience

Infuse your events with a touch of the extraordinary. Host grand galas in ballrooms straddling sea and sky, or retreat to elegant cocoons of privacy when discretion is paramount. From client meetings to conventions, elevate your function with Banyan Tree's signature style and service.

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Culinary Experiences at Banyan Tree

Savour an exquisite recipe on a twilit shore, by your personal pool, or on a rooftop bar with the urban nightscape spread out shining below you. Our signature restaurants and unique destination dining experiences showcase the culinary traditions and settings of each region, making every meal a journey of its own.


Banyan Tree Spa

Step into our award-winning spas for a time of deep restoration in mind, body and spirit.


Banyan Tree Wellbeing Sanctuary

Embark on a journey of self-awareness and mindful connection at our Wellbeing Sanctuary. This signature stay experience combines club floors or resort wings, balanced dining options, our Spa and multifunctional practice spaces into one exclusive journey.


Banyan Tree Essentials

Create your own Sanctuary for the Senses with our sustainable body-care and aromatherapy line, drawing from the wisdom of natural healing traditions around the world.



Explore and stay at multiple destinations with the same Habitat pass, giving you increased flexibility in planning your trips as you move around the world.

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