Signature Treatments

Step into the ultimate spa experience

Our therapists will soothe your body, mind and soul with any one of the spa's signature treatments on offer for you.

Royal Banyan

The 2.5 hour Royal Banyan signature treatment is an extraordinary spa journey featuring a beautiful blend of Eastern and Western massage techniques designed to improve blood circulation and ease muscle tension. Our therapists apply a warm, herbal pouch soaked in sesame oil to soothe the skin.

Tropical Rainmist

Renowned the world-over as Banyan Tree's very own signature creation, Tropical Rainmist begins with a rejuvenating rain mist steam bath and cascading rain shower. An invigorating body scrub follows on from the shower to purify the skin. The finale is a soothing massage by our therapist to melt away all of your tension.

Indian Traditions

The 1.5 hour Indian Traditions signature treatment applies traditional Ayurvedic techniques dating back more than 4,ooo years. This treatment focuses on shirp (head) and dhara (flow) to relieve anxiety through a consistent stream of soothing warm oil to the forehead, calming the mind. A variety of oils are used in Ayuvedic massage treatments to induce a state of relaxation.

Indonesian Traditions

Indonesian Traditions is a centuries-old Balinese Lulur Massage and beauty regime that combines healing ingredients and an herbal bath to create a blissful, radiant glow from head to toe. Our therapists will apply deep massage techniques such as skin rolling, kneading, stroking, and pressure-point stimulation to soothe the soul. It's the perfect spa treatment for brides ahead of their wedding day!

Signature Master Therapist Experience

The Signature Master Therapist Experience is a treatment tailor-made just for you. Conducted by our skillful master therapist, you will first receive a detailed consultation to determine your flexibility, balance and muscle condition. Your therapist will then carefully curate a treatment designed for you that features a repertoire of signature massage techniques as well as hot and cold treatments.


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Banyan Signatures

Banyan Tree Spa has crafted five unique Banyan Signature treatments designed to awaken the senses and soothe the soul


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