Things to do in Banyan Tree Ringha for Family

Let us create an amazing and unforgettable trip for you and your family.



Cooking Class

Banyan Tree Ringha has an organic garden located just in front of the restaurant growing seasonal vegetables. Families can pick up the vegetables and use them in a cooking class for local cuisine. Alternatively, they can select their vegetables for our hotel chef to cook for lunch/dinner.


Da Bao Temple Walking/ Biking Tour

Da Bao Temple Walking/ Biking Tour


Na Re Meadow Picnic Lunch

Families can trek through Tibetan villages around Ringha, and climb up to the top of the hill, facing the hotel, for a unique picnic lunch on top of Na Re Meadow, overlooking the holy river across BanyanTree Ringha.


Walking with Lanka-the pure blood Tibetan Mastiff

Lanka is a two-year-old pure blood Tibetan Mastiff that was raised in Banyan Tree Ringha. He is a very knowledgeable and smart animal and very playful during the trekking time with guests. Come and experience a walking adventure with Lanka to discover the natural beauty of Ringha valley.


Mongolia Yurt Destination Dinning.

Book the Mongolia Yurt dinner in advance, let us prepare a feast of Tibetan traditional hotpot and BBQ for you and your family. Enjoy the dancing and singing from our Banyan Tree Hosts during the dinner for an unforgettable experience in your journey.


Nixi Pottery Experience

Observe a centuries-old culture – Tibetan black pottery making. The skill of creating exquisite pottery is a treasured heirloom passed on from generation to generation. Experience the most popular Tibetan village dance in the region, known as "Qingwu" and try to make a simple pottery by yourselves.


CSR activity experience

We invite you and your family to join our CSR activity to help others. Bring the kids to visit the local primary school to play games and talk with local children. You can also donate books and study materials.


Mushroom Hunting Trek

The trek guides you through a quiet pine forest. The local guide will introduce you to the various mushrooms in the area and teach you how to tell if they are edible or not. After a full day of trekking, bring the edible mushrooms you have collected for chef to include in your next hotpot. Please note that this experience is only available during summer season.

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