Press for Progress



Press for Progress

Maggie Wang joined Banyan Tree Lijiang in December 2013 as a room attendant. Her high commitment to her role impressed her superiors and after a year, she was asked to take on the role of the Rooms department’s clerk. She had to adapt quickly to the change, given that her scope of work was completely different. She had to speak to guests, coordinate the room arrangements and all other administrative affairs of the Rooms department. Despite the challenges she faced, Maggie was focused in learning and overcame all her hurdles one by one.

Maggie’s attention to detail was noticed by the Human Resource department, as she had to submit her team’s attendance record monthly. With a position of HR coordinator opened, the team felt that Maggie would be a great fit. Maggie was definitely interested, but lacked the confidence as she was not very proficient in English. With her team's encouragement, Maggie took on the role and displayed great diligence, picked up things quickly and practised positive work attitude. She did not let her language capabilities stumble her growth, and is now responding to emails confidently.

Maggie is a great inspiration to her peers, choosing to work hard and fight for her career progression, never afraid to take on challenges.


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