The Fight for a Memorable Stay for Guests



The Fight for a Memorable Stay for Guests

Recreation Attendant Khun Bunchai Khianwichai (Lek) conducted an Thai Boxing Introductory Class for two guests over the course of five consecutive days. The guests were very enthusiastic about the sport and really enjoyed the training during their stay.

As Khun Lek wanted to create an even more memorable moment for them, he visited the local market after work to purchase a pair of Thai boxing shorts for the guests with his own money. He had hoped to meet the guests on the night before their departure to offer his gift in person; however, the guests went out of the resort for dinner and he was unable to catch them.

Khun Lek proceeded to write a note, requesting for the Housekeeping department and Villa Attendant to place his written note and gift in the guests' villa during turndown. The guests received the gift that evening with much gratefulness, sending a 'thank you' message to Khun Lek, along with a photo of them wearing the Thai boxing shorts.


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