Local Festivals And Attractions

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The culture of Krabi can be experienced through music, art, craft, cuisine, customs and the general way of life. These main cultural events will give visitors an opportunity to be closer to Krabi culture and its traditions.



Krabi Naga festival

This festival is held on Khlong Muang Beach near Krabi. Best known for its live pop and jazz concerts, it also offers dance shows, street performances, and a local products market.


Laanta-Lanta Festival

Laanta Lanta Festival is one of the most endearing events you're likely to find. Set in the authentic Old Town of Lanta Island, the festival is a rich celebration of the peaceful cultural diversity among the island's people.


Krabi International Rock Climbing

The Krabi International Rock-Climbing Competition attracts rock climbers and visitors from around the world. Held at Railay Beach, the limestone mountain cliffs are a daunting invitation to daredevils. There are more than 600 different mountain climbs, several of which are ranked world class. Competitors compete for cash prizes.


Loy Rue Chao Le (Sea Gypsy Boat)

As part of this religious ceremony, Krabi’s Sea Gypsies (the Chao Le), a nomadic seafaring people, sing and dance their traditional “Rong Ngen”, while setting the boats gently adrift. They hope that this rite will bring them prosperity, good fortune, and happiness.


Sat Duan Sip Festival (Festival of the Tenth Lunar Month)

Thai people generally believe that the spirits of their deceased relatives are permitted to visit earth from the first to the last day of the waning moon in the tenth lunar month. To honor their departed ancestors, relatives prepare elaborate, artistic and delicious food offerings in baskets, which they take to their local monastery. The procession to the monasteries is both colorful and joyful.


Krabi Vegetarian Festival

The great vegetarian festival of Krabi features more than 70 shrines paraded in front of Krabi's city hall. Visitors are welcome to join in and witness the procession of deities around the town, as well as participate in a religious ritual at the city's pillar shrine. Find out more at: Thailandee.com


Songkran Festival

Celebrated as the traditional New Year's Day on 13 April during the hottest time of the year in Thailand, this popular festival marks the end of the dry season. The day's highlight for visitors is usually the fun-filled water fights as well as the blessings of Buddhist statues.


Rak Ao Luk Cultural Festival

The Rak Ao Luk Cultural Festival is a celebration of the cultural diversity of this fascinating district in Southern Thailand.Each day during the five-day festival has a different theme.Buddhists, Chinese, Muslims, and others will wear traditional costumes, and there will be exhibitions and cultural performances. Stalls will sell local foods and ethnic crafts.

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