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Luxury Hot Spring Spa Banyan Tree Tengchong

Banyan Tree Spa Tengchong

Yunnan, China

Mayugu International Hot Springs Resorts Beihai Town, Tengchong County Yunnan Province 679100 People’s Republic of China
+86 875 899 9888
Opens at: 11:00 am
Closes at: 10:00 pm
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A hot spring haven amidst the mountains

Welcome to Banyan Tree Spa Tengchong – a sanctuary devoted to holistic wellness, located in the heart of the Gaoligong Mountains.

Banyan Tree Spa Tengchong

Sense of Teng Chong

This experience harnesses the best of locally-sourced ingredients to offer an authentic flavors of Teng Chong's natural gifts. The Volcanic mud has detoxifying and nourishing properties to eliminate Toxins and soften the skin.

The deep tissue Balinese massage using strong, firm strokes dissolves all muscle tension, you can indulge in bliss fit for royalty.

Sense of Teng Chong
Banyan Tree Spa Tengchong - Royal Banyan

Royal Banyan

A well-loved treatment, Royal Banyan delivers the best of Eastern and Western massage techniques to improve blood circulation and ease muscle aches. Featuring a warm herbal pouch dipped in sesame oil, this signature treatment presents the quintessential Banyan Tree Spa experience like no other. 

Thai Classic

Thai Classic

A perfect mix of subtle stretching with rhythmic massaging and compressions to balance the body system and stimulate energy flow. This classic massage uses traditional Thai techniques to apply deep palm strokes on the back with delicate stretching.


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