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Phuket Old Town

Lively Phuket Old Town is known for brightly painted, century-old Sino-Portuguese townhouses

Well known for its whimsical architecture, Phuket Old Town has now become a unique hub where new trends meet tradition, street art meets craftsmanship and ancient recipes meet the latest coffee roasts.
Banyan Tree Thailand Phuket Experiences - Phuket Town Coffee Shop
Banyan Tree Thailand Phuket Experiences - Phuket Old Town
Banyan Tree Thailand Phuket Experiences - Phuket Town Shopping Local Store
Banyan Tree Thailand Phuket Experiences - Phuket Town Sunday Walking Street Shopping

Activities & Experiences

Sunday Walking Street Market on Thalang Road sees local vendors put up their stalls of irresistible Kanom (meaning snacks in Thai) as well as other bites and hand-made crafts. Kanom is a staple in Thai daily life. Whilst walking through the market we recommend you try the various snacks both sweet and savoury, such as little cocoons of rice pancakes with taro or corn (khanom khrok).


Free Entry


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Phuket Town offers a collection of creative murals created by local and Thai artists – from interpretations of local living to bright abstract characters and whimsical creations – making the Phuket Town Street Art Walk a must-see for anyone visiting the colourful streets. Artists include: Alex Face, Rukkit, Lukas Kasper and many others.



If you are a treasure hunter, Phuket Town will be your playground. Old shophouses have been transformed into more modern shops whilst still offering antique charm. Wander around Phuket Town and you will stumble upon an array of shops including antiques, ceramics and vintage items. Don't let the shopfronts fool you; most of these shops have their most interesting items at the back, so take the time to wander in and explore.

In the past year, Phuket Town has seen a boom of photographers and influencers flocking to its streets. The colourful architecture is ideal for a photo backdrop. A day well-spent in town must include a stop at the picturesque Torry's Ice Cream Shop or a coffee break at some of the more trendy coffee shops showcasing local coffee blends.


9:00 am - 7:00 pm


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