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Romantic Experiences Things to do In Bangkok Thailand


Banyan Tree Bangkok

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festivals bangkok

Local Festivals and Attractions

The metropolitan, multicultural city of Bangkok has many unique festivals and attractions that celebrate the city’s history and diversity.

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Banyan Tree Thailand Bangkok Experiences - Tuk Tuk Tour Of Bangkok


Explore Bangkok on bike, tuk tuk or boat.

Muay Thai

Things to Do for Families

Spend time with those closest to you and delight in your choice of various activities in and around our hotel.

bangkok holiday itineraries

3-Day Bangkok Itinerary

Indulge in the ultimate Bangkok experience with our recommended 3-day itinerary.

Stay for good

Stay for good

We believe in travel with a purpose. Our Stay for Good programme invites you to experience the world authentically by highlighting the intricacies of each destination, while at the same time honouring the heritage and traditions of local communities.


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