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Intentional Narratives from Changemakers of Today

Compass is a dedicated space for open-ended dialogues and narratives from some of the most idiosyncratic storytellers of our generation, sharing profound reflections on being grounded in the present moment, while leading us towards brighter possibilities for the planet’s future.

Season 2 was produced by prolific travel journalist, podcast host, and photographer Kathryn Romeyn, and explores mixed-media and curated content - inviting diverse voices from various industries and geographies with a shared human essence and authenticity.

Anna Oposa: Mobilizing citizens to change behaviours and take collective action

As an in-demand writer, speaker and environmental conservation consultant, Anna works with national and global organizations on campaigns around shark conservation, ocean health, waste management and circular economies. She is a true people person and faces bureaucratic challenges head on, but also revels in wonderment of diving in the Philippines archipelago. \n

Anna Oposa: Mobilizing citizens to change behaviours and take collective action

Purnima Shrestha: Growing awareness for climate change

Though she’s just 31 years old, Purnima is the first Nepali woman to climb seven 8,000-meter peaks of Nepal, including Mt. Everest and Annapurna I. She’s an intrepid adventurer and mountaineer and an inspiring photojournalist on a mission to save the iconic Himalayas for future generations through climate change activism.

Purnima Shrestha: Growing awareness for climate change 1


As a lifelong advocate, author and coral reef conservationist, Anuar holds a patent for a coral catalyst used around the world to rehabilitate reefs. Over decades, his deep research and innovation paired with a tireless work ethos have proven to be game changers in the field. The successful rehabilitation over four years of Thailand’s Maya Bay is recent proof.

Anuar Abdullah: Rehabilitating reefs now and for the future


As China’s foremost sustainable fashion pioneer, Shaway is an influential leader and speaker who has helped positively shape the world’s largest source of clothing manufacturing and consumption in recent years. In 2017, Shaway founded her agency, YehYehYeh, and, in 2019, earned Harvard University’s Corporate Sustainability and Innovation Graduate Certificate. She is a special advisor to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, Green Carpet Fashion Awards and Kering Generation Award, as well as co-creative director of Nowness.



Kathy has worked for decades across three continents as a journalist, author of 17 books, film and television producer, and speaker, sharing always-rousing stories that influence people to take action and affect positive change. She is the co-founder of Creative Visions Foundation, inspired by the life and work of her late son, Dan Eldon, who was a prolific artist and photojournalist killed at just 22 years old in Somalia.

Kathy Eldon: Transforming grief and trauma into creative action 1


Wayan is an in-demand Balinese sustainability activist and leader who has spearheaded immense changes and education around waste management and organic farming practices. His passion project, #BringBackTheLight, tackles conservation and regeneration of fireflies, critical indicators of a healthy environment.

Wayan Wardika: Tackling conservation and regeneration of fireflies

Somsak Boonkam: Regenerative Travel & Community

Founder of community-based travel operator localalike, Somsak’s goal is to bring economic opportunities to local communities through responsible and sustainable tourism. His team has worked with over 200 communities across 46 provinces in Thailand to develop and manage their own authentic, meaningful and localised tours that benefit the destination while staying competitive with mainstream tourist activities.

Somsak Boonkam: Regenerative Travel & Community

Shaneel Lal: Gender and Policy Shifts

A law student, columnist, activist and political commentator, the LGBTQIA rights activist spearheaded the campaign that led New Zealand to ban the controversial practice of conversion therapy earlier this year.

Shaneel Lal

Dr. Miles Neale: Shifting Humanity’s Future

A Buddhist psychiatrist, author, founder of the Contemplative Studies Program, and instructor at Weill Cornell Medical College – Dr. Neale has more than 20 years of experience, integrating mind science and Tibetan Buddhism with psychology, trauma research, neuroscience, and mythology.


Anthea Indira Ong: A Memoir of Change

Entrepreneur, social advocate, and former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP), Anthea Indira Ong has founded several social impact businesses, including Hush Tea Bar, Singapore’s first silent tea bar that employs and empowers the deaf and people recovering from mental health conditions.

compass speaker 5

Helena Norberg Hodge: Intersecting Ancient Wisdom With The Future

Author of the book and the film ‘Ancient Futures’, Helena Norberg has spent many years creating eye-opening research around tradition and change in the wilderness of Ladakh, working on the frontline in remote locations, and creating setups to support the local economy.

helena norberg hodge

Bandana Tewari: Building a Future with Diversity

Formerly Editor-at-Large at Vogue India, Bandana Tewari is a sustainability journalist and one of Business Of Fashion’s 500 Most Influential People in Fashion. She is a prolific speaker who has created new narratives around Gandhian philosophy in the context of Fashion.

bandana tewari

Jessica Nabongo: Kindness Beyond Borders

2019 was the year Jessica Nabongo became the first documented black woman who travelled to all 195 Nations across the planet. Author of ‘The Catch Me If You Can’, her brand new book published by National Geographic represents a new approach to travel and being.

jessica nabongo

Melati Wijsen: Personal Rituals of Changemaking

Honoured by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential Teens in the world, Melati is a 21-year-old full-time changemaker and co-founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags. She has spoken on world stages such as the UN and TED along with being on the FORBES 30 under 30.

melati wisjen

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